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Baby sitting/nannying August 10th-21st


From: Genève, switzerland
Speaks: english french

About my service

I am a full time nanny looking for a job for when my family is away on holiday. I have experience with children from new borns to 17 yrs of age. I have first aid and I am a very competent swimmer due to playing water polo, being a competitive swimmer and a life guard and new zealands most dangerous surf beach. I am from New Zealand so English is my native language and can therefore play with your children in english if that is what you would like. I also speak french. Not fluently but can get by :) If you would like any more info feel free to message me. I am available for either full days or part days, over nights, or evenings. My price listed can be negotiated based on what is required or what hours it is (I can do set hours for a day also) Thanks Freya

My experience

3 yrs and 3 months paid nannying in Switzerland. Previous part time nannying in NZ previous. Work with autistic children.

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