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From: Geneva, switzerland
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About my service

I am a mother of three children and taking care of babies or infants, including children at all ages who still need the attention of someone, chosen by the parents, is a very difficult task but exciting because you have to extend a help to the parents who dedicate their time to working outside their homes. I am currently a nanny for a baby boy who is two years of age and its fun, because it reminds me of those days that I was with my own kids. Try me and I can assure that I will do my very best to do everything for me to satisfy them. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question, also.

My experience

I have been a babysitter/nanny for so many years even when I am still working in Spain, and now I am working as a nanny but only a partimer and I have been also in Singapore for two years with the same category and this is wayback 1987.

My certifications

I am a college degree holder in my country of origin "Philippines".I graduated 1986 with my course Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and then I took some units in Education for me to have chances of teaching in primary level. And I did practicum in teaching holding kids with ages 6 to 8 years of age.

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I can provide references here in Geneva and even one of my employers before in Spain.

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