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From: Coppet, switzerland
Speaks: english spanish

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IT educator geared to help individuals through the never ending technical jargon in today's world. Specialized on MAC OS but work on all platforms. Services include MAC and MS applications, email/contact integration, backup strategies, cloud usage, and much much more.

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I needed some headshots and was very pleased with Jorge's professionalism and the quality of the work.


I got to know Jorge through an online forum where he advertised his services as a photographer. I was looking for someone to take head shots for my son's portfolio. Jorge offered to meet us, and was efficient in finding a suitable time for us. Jorge worked with my son for two hours. First outdoors. He picked a lovely scenery (by the lake) and made sure my son was relaxed about the experience. These were not head shots but turned out to be very useful to complete my son's portfolio. Then we went to his home studio. For the first time, I heard someone say to my son (who, by the way, is only 12), "what would you like to say with your photos, what would you like to show?" This was an encouraging way of telling a young boy that there is no right or wrong, and my son felt comfortable showing his profile (which he does not like) simply because it meant he could have more options to show what he can express through his head shots. I recommend Jorge for any photographic shots (indoors or outdoors). He has a patient and gentle way to let the models express their emotions or dialogue through photos.