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My name is Kirsten Deall. My husband and I recently moved from South Africa to Geneva for his work. I am not currently working. Our time in Geneva is uncertain, so we decided to leave our two adorable cats in South Africa with our parents. Since the situation doesn't allow for us to have our own pets here, which I miss a great deal, I would like to take pleasure in looking after the pets of others' where possible. Since I grew up with cats and dogs in the house, I have a great deal of experience and love for them. I have had both big and small dogs in the house, so walking big dogs is not a problem for me, in fact, I love it. I'm also a runner, so if you're dog is fit enough, or if you would like me to train your dog in fitness, I will happily build up their strength and fitness for running. I can attend to special requests and adapt to the owner's ways of looking after their own animals. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you and your pets.

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I was born into a family of animal lovers. I have never been without a pet, until I moved to Geneva last year. I know how to handle, look after, feed and give attention cats and dogs.

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