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From: Geneva, switzerland
Speaks: english spanish

About my service

I am a filipina and holder of an EU passport and I am married with three children.I work as partimer as a housekeeper/nanny/babysitter and/or I can even cook if needed.I am willing also to do cleaning with offices.I am flexible and ready to come immediately.I am responsible and you can trust me.Thanks

My experience

My experience two years nanny/housekeeper in Singapore- ((phone hidden) - 2001 housekeeper nanny-Madrid Spain, (phone hidden)-assistant cook in different restaurants in Madrid, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish restaurants and before my schedule in restaurants. I did partime in the morning in some houses as a cleaner,2012-actual partimer here in Geneva.

My certifications

I am a professor in primary course in our country and been a teacher with ages 8 to 10 years.

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