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From: Meyrin, switzerland
Speaks: english french spanish italian portuguese

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Olá. Hola. Hello. Salut :) My name is Renata Martins, I am 24 years old and I am Portuguese. I am a graduate in Social Education, with several internships in different areas such as: kindergardens, elderly homes, dysfunctional families, children and adults with handicaps and immigrants. I also traveled to Spain during my graduation to have new experiences and knowledge about my area. I accomplished a dream and I went to Africa as a volunteer to work with children. I speak fluent English and Spanish, and I have basic knowledge in French and Italian. I am confident about what I love most to do: be surrounded by children, teach them and take care of them like a big sister. If you are looking for a Nanny for your kids and a tidy girl that will look after your house, you can give them an happy, funny and responsible Marry Poppins :)

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