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Painting, Tiling, Electrics, Wall Partitions, Carpentry, Full Renovations


From: Geneva, switzerland
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I specialize in home/commercial renovations and there´s always painting involved, apart from all other trades. If I´m not on bigger projects I tackle paint-jobs, which could take up generally about 25 to 30% of my time, so well experienced in the proper methods and know my paints/surfaces very well. So whether it´s only a touch-up or a full repaint, get in touch with me. Ceilings/Walls, Doors, Window Frames and wall papering.

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I have used Justin's handyman services on many occasions over the past few years. He's my go-to guy for hanging shelves, pictures, putting together furniture, clogged pipes, hooking up appliances and electric work. He's professional, timely and a creative problem solver.


Justin's service was great! He was on time, well prepared, flexible, friendly and even ready to help me solve my own design challenges. I would call Justin again and hope others do as well.


Justin was really a great help with various things in the house - mixing tiles, installing lamps etc. Really useful. Will definitely hire him again when needed