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Painting, Tiling, Electrics, Wall Partitions, Carpentry, Full Renovations


From: Geneva, switzerland
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Hi Serve-At-Home Internaughts! I´m an experienced Tradesman, and thus indirectly a "handy-man", started at 16 with an apprentice in Carpentry, Plumbing + Electrics, flowing over in Building Technician and Construction Management. I love dealing with clients personally and directly, bouncing ideas as we´d say. All aspects covered within the deco & reno environment. ✔ Drilling and Demolition works. Includes full Kitchen & Bathroom installations. ✔ Dry walling / Wall Partitions / Insulations. ✔ Mounting / Dismounting / Modifications of any furniture - (Flatpacks) IKEA, Brico Depot, etc. ✔ Painting + Wallpapering ✔ Tiling ✔ Flooring – Synthetic/Wooden Parquet Flooring, Carpets and Tiles. (Also well experienced re-sanding & varnishing damaged wooden floors. Check photos.) ✔ Electric (Light´s, Sockets, Switches etc / Plumbing works (Drains, Siphons etc). ✔ 19 years in the building/construction industry and going on strongly. I am passionate about what I do and take things very very serious! ☏ etc. etc. – etc… A clean and professional job, very reasonable rates and a guarantee with each job/project - No "Uuuhhmms or Ahhhs" ★★★★★ REVIEWS: Loads of online reviews available upon request! AND UPDATED PHOTOS OF PROJECTS: http://constructive-solutions.blogspot.com/ Minimum booking is for 2 (two) hours.

My experience

18 Years and counting!

My certifications

Carpentery, Site Manager, Building Technician, goodness - renovations which mean all trades!

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I bring absolutely everything, if there´s some tool that can make things more efficient - I´m the 1st to get it.

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Overall Satisfaction:
Justin's service was great! He was on time, well prepared, flexible, friendly and even ready to help me solve my own design challenges. I would call Justin again and hope others do as well.
Justin was really a great help with various things in the house - mixing tiles, installing lamps etc. Really useful. Will definitely hire him again when needed


I have used Justin's handyman services on many occasions over the past few years. He's my go-to guy for hanging shelves, pictures, putting together furniture, clogged pipes, hooking up appliances and electric work. He's professional, timely and a creative problem solver.