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From: zurich, Switzerland
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Dear Families, Thank you for reading and looking at my profile. At first of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Iva and I am 24 years old czech girl. My small town is located on the north part of Czech Republic and we have the highest mountains in our country. I grew up with my older sister, 2 cats and dog in our small lovely house on country side. I have been working as an au pair nearly 3 years and I usually find that job very nice and enjoyable. I love snowboarding, hiking, running, cycling and yoga.I prefer active lifestyle and a proper healthy food. I can provide you many references from last families I have been working for. We had such a nice time together. Games outside, trampoline, tennis, hide and seek, playing with dog, gardening. Indoor activities-coloring, painting, dress up, kards, etc. Also I have the basic first aid course, my level of english is B2 plus I have done snowboarding instructor course and also a driving licence. I can provide many excellents references from families I worked and babysitted for. I am available every Tuesday and Thursday morning, every evening after 7pm and weekends. Thank you for your time and don´t hesitate to contact me. Look forward to hearing from you and your kids soon. Cheers Iva

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I can provide you many references from families if you wish

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Snowboarding instructor, Basic first aid course, Cambridge certificate B2, Driving licence.

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