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thérapeute manuel avec beaucoup d'expérience, différents types de massage.


From: geneve, switzerland
Speaks: english french spanish portuguese

About my service

I'm a serious and responsable person. I have a lot of experience with massage. I'ved worked in clinics and spas of five stars in portugal. My best speciality is deep tissue massage. I also do Ayurvedic, Tui Na, Hot stones, Reflexologie, Therapeutic, Relaxing, Reiki,and Sportif.

My experience

7 years of experience in many kinds of massage.

My certifications

Superior School of Chinese Medecin European School of Ahestetic and Massage Alba Ayurvedic School

Practical information

I can bring Table massage and the products. The Costumer only needs to provide space for the massage (silent and warm) and towels if needed

On request, I can provide

Certifies of the schools and jobs.

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