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RUSSIAN LANGUAGE LESSONS IN GENEVA AREA Privet! I’m Angelika – Russian language teacher. And what about you? Would you like to learn Russian in an interesting and easy way? Are you an absolute beginner or advanced speaker? Do you travel to Russia? Do you have Russian friends/colleagues /partner? Do you need Russian for professional reasons? Whatever the reason is, I offer you to learn Russian with me. You will get: - ideal balance between practice and theory; - individual approach adapted to your level, needs and wishes; - role playing, real life learning; - choice of topics which are interesting to YOU; - regular tracking of success via quizzes and feedback. Would you like to really enjoy learning this beautiful language? I’m looking forward to our first lesson. Poka! Angelika

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With Russian law degree and professional background I have an outstanding knowledge of Russian linguistic aspects as well as the passion to share my knowledge with others. I have been practicing since 2011 and have already developed my own methodology.

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I will be glad to share my feedback being Angelica's student in spring/summer 2012. At that time I was just at the beginner level (could speak a bit, but no reading / writing), while Angelica helped me understand the fundamentals first, helped me get most of the reading & writing aspects, prepared very interesting and interactive materials to make me remember the words and ways to build the phrases in Russian. Though our experience was not long (Angelica had to start her LLM studies in Lausanne) I believe I made a significant progress in this hard but wonderful language! Spasibo!


Angelika est une excellente professeure de Russe, patiente, méthodique et à l'écoute de son élève. Elle sait rendre le cours intéressant et motivant. Je la recommande pour toute personne qui souhaite apprendre le Russe.