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Any flavour, at any time! If your cholesterol level is too low, you may become depressed. My solution: baking and more baking. Delivery in Rive Gauche is free, otherwise extra charges will apply. 24 cupcakes included. I'm a creative baker so if you have a particular party theme in mind, let me know and I will get inspired. Check out my baking blog, www.sisterbakers.com for baking inspiration and to get an idea of what I can make. On a side note, I use about half the sugar in all of my recipes (I love sweets when they’re not too sweet) and often try to find substitutes for full-fat ingredients. Except for butter. I’m French so light butter is not part of my upbringing.

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Olivia made the cutest bunny-ear cupcakes for my daughters 1st birthday party! They tasted like happiness! Olivia can make a cupcake into anything so if you have a special event, definitely look no further.


I have tasted Olivia's baked goods numerous times, and they are to die for, so delicious! On top of that, they're always very well presented. Definitely worthy of a professional bakery!


J'ai eu la chance de goûter aux cupcakes au miel et à la crème vanille d'Olivia, ils sont sublimes ! Légers et pas trop sucrés . A essayer d'urgence sans culpabiliser !