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From: Preverenges, switzerland
Speaks: english

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I am a Yoga teacher with experience from teaching dance and instructor training in Wing Tsun kung fu. I love to teach Yoga in private classes and small groups to be able to give every student the best possible follow-up. It makes it possible to specialize a program for each students needs. Yoga creates space - space in the body - space in the mind - space in time - to reconnect with our deepest selves - Physically it tones the body - strengthens the core muscles - increase blood and lymph circulation - increase flexibility - increase oxygen uptake - relaxes the nervous system - releases gravitational stress on spine and muscles - increase the production of fluids in our joints and the list goes on and on. All over - it makes you feel good - and when you feel good it makes you a better person. So put in some SELF LOVE in your weekly schedule and take time for a private Yoga class with me - alone or with friends or family!

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