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High level Athlete and instructor of Muay Thai In 2006, I won the European Championship in Kick Boxing WKN, which was held in Saint Martin's in the West Indies. I have also taken part in many training courses and meetings with known Masters and international champions. I have lived/worked & fighting in Thailand and Hong-Kong. If you are interested please contact me! Thank you, Bonne journée! The class is two hours long, and is made for those who want results and are serious about the sport. Muay Thai brings the following results: security, a fit body, a clear mind and helps you get rid of stress. The preparation will run for 20 minutes, followed by 5 minutes stretching and 5 minutes of shadow boxing, then some technical warm up, followed by the beginning of the class. Each lesson will include different techniques and different exercises.

My experience

I have 8 years of experience in Muay Thai and 3 years in kickboxing. I've lived in Asia for six years, and have learned the Muay Thai discipline in many sport camps in Thailand and Hong Kong.

My certifications

Diploma of world kickboxing Network WKN License FIST of federation national italian

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I bring all the material to your home directly. All you have to provide is comfortable clothes for yourself!

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Diploma of world kickboxing Network WKN License FIST of federation national italian

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