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From: Ferney Voltaire, france
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Preschool (3-5 yrs.) to Adult ENGLISH LESSONS: Creative and unique, practical conversational English and grammar presented in a fun way by a teacher who is English mother tongue.. For these lessons and for homework coaching, I am drawing on experience gained through my ongoing work through years of traveling, of tutoring French-speaking students English, and English- speaking students French. I have divided my time between Vermont, USA and Geneva for several years. I have combined the work with the kids at times with Art projects to make it more engaging. English lessons can be given to speakers of other languages as well, using similar methods. Ages 3-8: Dialogues, songs with illustrated posters, skits, repetition of simple conversations, circle games . 8-12 : same as above with addition of beginning grammar with workbook, crossword puzzles, homework assistance, CD rom lessons. Vocabulary. 12 and up: More advanced conversations useful when traveling,more reading out loud, “dictées” for vocabulary, current magazines and newspapers, speaking about photos from English-speaking countries, songs. CD rom lessons. Workbook for matching, repetition, games. Books I will use: Fontaine, François. Anglais par les Mots Croisés 5-8 : Zoo, Cirque ; 8-12 : Préhistoire, Moyen Age, Châteaux, and more Bellone, Violaine. Anglais CE2.Also higher levels of CM1 and CM2. Listening, Writing, Matching, Repetition Larousse Publishers. My First Picture Dictionary in English. Illustrated definitions with words put in simple sentences. Very easy to follow with humorous cartoon pictures.

My experience

The Bellwether School, Williston, Vermont, USA. French and Art group for preschoolers and 3rd graders. French and Art Camp, Shelburne, Vermont. Created it, directed it for children 4-8 yrs.in a rented space. Barre Town Elementary School, Barre, Vermont. Designed original English curriculum and taught it, for French Canadian student. The Sustainability Academy at Lawrence Barnes Elementary School, Burlington, Vermont, USA. Assisted a Congolese student who did not speak English to transition into the classroom-- with French translation into English as well as acting as a family liason. Paris France: Private lessons in English to students age 4 to adult. Geneva: Tutoring at Ecole Varadi in English.

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I usually recommend books which the parents would order. Sometimes I supplement with library books in English for read- alouds, for kids.

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Overall Satisfaction:
Kate has tutored my son age 4 in English about 5 months. She's thought of interesting projects for him and they get along really well. She's nearly always punctual and very responsible.I am really happy with her job.


I was introduced to Kate Laxner at a book signing a few years ago in Geneva, by a well known Geneva author. Kate provided private art lessons for my daughter, who was 9 at the time, at her home here in Geneva. Her patience and understanding, not to mention her artistic knowledge were amazing, and helped my daughter to bring her artistic talents to another level and encouraged her continue to further her studies in the field. I would highly recommend Kate in any professional situation, as her patience and dedication to her work is extraordinary.


I've had the good fortune of knowing Kate Lanxner for over 20 years. We first met as community members when our children were newborns. Through the years we've supported one another through the joys and challenges of child rearing. I've always trusted Kate's sound judgement, knowledge of child development and intuitive nature when offering up solicited advice. In addition, Kate and I have worked in similar roles within the school system as educational support personnel. Kate has often served as a confidential and sensitive sounding board for issues involving difficult students. Her insights into the true nature of children's behavior are pure and clear. Kate has an uncanny ability to connect with the whole child and speak in a language that resonates and comforts them. Kids feel affirmed while in her presence as her warmth radiates in all she does. She is well liked and received by all. I recommend Kate in any job involving the welfare of children.


Kate was very professional and helpful in an abstract art class for adults. She showed us all the basics through interesting projects, and gave us enough space to use our creativity and develop our talent!


Kate is a gem. Kind, thoughtful, energetic, fun and very patient, my son (3) loves spending time with her. Kate has been very flexible with our needs and we are extremely grateful to have met her.


My 4 yo son loves staying with Kate and enjoys a lot their art activities!