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From: Nyon, switzerland
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"Déclarer son amour dans une langue qu’on maîtrise mal, c’est comme jouer de la guitare avec des moufles." (Translation below) A beautiful quote from Grégoire Lacroix illustrating one of infinitely many uses of language skills. As a native French speaker, I offer French lessons to anyone, from primary school children to adults, whether as extra support for existing lessons, for simple conversation and practice, to prepare for language exams (e.g. DELF) or for stand-alone initiation and consolidation. I am adaptable and flexible to each customer's needs and requirements and can provide material if required. A note on my methods: I have seen all too often the effects of poor teaching methods or uninterested, bored teachers on my classmates in the past, and do everything in my power to be constructive and bring patience, humor, enthusiasm and passion to my teaching or coaching activities in order to make the lessons interesting and useful. (Quote translation) Declaring your love in a language you don't speak well is like wearing mittens to play the guitar

My experience

I have coached several friends of mine, mostly during preparation for exams. They have all achieved good results and acquired more motivation and interest in the language. I have also experienced and observed many different styles of teachers, and developed my own approach and style of coaching and teaching based on my experience of this.

My certifications

I am a native French and English speaker, and fluent in Spanish. I can therefore easily teach one language with reference to another and relate to the pupil's experience and culture. Also, my extensive experience of French and Swiss cultures allow me to give useful insights about language and culture, building not only vocabulary and comfort but also understanding and an ability to fit in and relate.

Practical information

If you have any material (for an existing class, for example), please have that available when we meet.

On request, I can provide

If necessary, I can provide exercise and lesson books for any level.

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