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About my service

Computers are now an essential part of every day and of the world. It has become necessary to have a minimum of grasp of everyday computer tools and know how to use them to one's advantage, whether for personal or professional purposes. I offer an effective and productive initiation to everyday tools, individually tailored to everyone's needs, situation and equipment. I can supply or install any open-source programs (LibreOffice, Inkscape, GIMP...). For lessons on Microsoft Office, please have it at least purchased and available. The content of the lesson, which we will discuss and adapt depending on the situation, can include: - Everyday basic use of a computer - Everyday use of Internet and security information - Everyday office software (Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) For higher-level or ambitious clients: - HTML/CSS and Website creation tools - Graphic design software - Advanced office software use and tips

My experience

20 years of experience in computer technology, acquired in the Silicon Valley during the dot-com bubble, and later during various personal, academic and professional projects.

Practical information

I can supply free software (Ubuntu, LibreOffice, Inkscape, GIMP etc). For paid software (e.g. Microsoft Office), please have it available ahead of time.

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