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My school in the Philippines had food management as part of its curriculum wherein we learned how to cook different dishes which we applied during events such as Food Fairs, Buffets and Formal dinners. As part of our culture in the Philippines, it was imperative that I cook at home too and I have been doing so for 10 years. I cook mostly Filipino dishes, which are influenced by Spanish, american and Chinese foods but I have also experimented on other European dishes. I have also been a part of the rainbow catering club where we hosted birthday parties and rotated our roles as emcees, cooks, mascots, etc... My family and I recently started the Ketogenic diet, which I have been preparing the meal plans and have done my research beforehand. About the diet:

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10 years in food management, 2 years in Rainbow Catering, Ketogenic Diet

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Rainbow Catering loyalty award

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if special ingredients are necessary and also depending upon the yield, we must arrange a date to meet and plan.

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We were needing a last minute babysitter and were very grateful that Marie Dominique could help us out. Marie Dominique arrived on time at 7pm and then played with the children until it was time for bed. She prepared them for bed and everything was calm when we arrived back home. Our children are easy going and liked Marie Dominique. I would be happy to recommend Marie Dominique to a friend especially since she speaks many languages and is open and friendly.