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From: Zürich, switzerland
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About my service

i have a passion for sports and have been. I was a teacher's assistant for the primary, middle and secondary school gym teachers and also an assistant coach of the middle school basketball team and the junior volleyball team. I was the team captain of the senior volleyball on my senior year at LGB and from being underdogs we won our first championship trophy at the end of the school year. I won the women's singles badminton championship in 2008 and in volleyball, 2009 and 2010 in the Philippines during our Intramurals (Sports Day). I am now playing for BTV in Sankt Gallen as a setter and still want to share what I learned and how I learned this discipline.

My experience

9 years in volleyball, 7 years in badminton and table tennis.

My certifications

Championship certificates in badminton and volleyball Gold and Silver medals in volleyball

On request, I can provide

I can bring the balls, rackets, shuttlecocks,etc.. but preferably if you bring your own then you are more comfortable with it because everyone has their own feel.

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We were needing a last minute babysitter and were very grateful that Marie Dominique could help us out. Marie Dominique arrived on time at 7pm and then played with the children until it was time for bed. She prepared them for bed and everything was calm when we arrived back home. Our children are easy going and liked Marie Dominique. I would be happy to recommend Marie Dominique to a friend especially since she speaks many languages and is open and friendly.