Marie Dominique Josephine

Marie Dominique Josephine from Zürich, Tutoring

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From: Zürich, switzerland
Speaks: english french german spanish

About my service

I am not a native French speaker but have taken IB French Standard during my studies at LGB. I am now preparing for my DELF exam, which means I am investing more time in using French on a day-to-day basis as part of my practice. I would teach techniques on how to learn a foreign language either for living purposes or if you would merely want to explore. I provide an unorthodox method of learning that can be more practical and fun.

My experience

Self-learning and assisting my sister, approximately 6 years. Six years of French, 3 years of Spanish and on-going for German.

Practical information

Have a pen and paper ready. I will bring more supplies if I plan a special activity.

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We were needing a last minute babysitter and were very grateful that Marie Dominique could help us out. Marie Dominique arrived on time at 7pm and then played with the children until it was time for bed. She prepared them for bed and everything was calm when we arrived back home. Our children are easy going and liked Marie Dominique. I would be happy to recommend Marie Dominique to a friend especially since she speaks many languages and is open and friendly.