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About my service

"Helping hand" service is a wonderful concept. No task is too big or small. Overall, "helping hand" consists of a broad range of services including: arranging furniture after moving, staging furniture for the sale of home, selecting paint colors, determining art placement, sourcing new pieces of furniture and so much more. Please let me know if I can lend a "helping hand". For more clear idea of my work, please visit: www.interioes.com My service can be booked hourly or by project. Even after one hour of consultations my clients can expect completely fresh ideas of their own home. After this, if additional consulting is required, we can kick off a project. People normally ask me about about customer satisfaction. For this, I can refer them to other customers. They are also interested in the duration of the project. Normally it ranges from a coupe of hours to a few days. No more than a week, unless we are talking about a compete makeover. What makes my service unique is that the home makeover is mainly done with what the customer already owns. So they shouldn't expect large bills on new materials and furniture (unless, of course, they want that). Also, there is minimum initial charge (1 hour consultation) and if the potential customer is not convinced, they can walk away.

My experience

I am an architect and urban designer with a degree from University of Technology in Krakow, Poland. Over many years, working in different countries like UK, Mexico, USA, I change my interests steering towards smaller scale. I have set up "home" many times over the years for my family and friends. It can be a intimidating task for some but I always find it as a welcome challenge. With my architectural background, combined with my love for creativity, I am very capable of transforming any space in to welcoming home. I look forward to the challenges and the rewards of each project. Every space I design is unique and based on the client's specific needs and desires. Therefore, the end result is always magical in its own special way.

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