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From: Viuz en Sallaz, france
Speaks: english portuguese

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I'll be moving to Brussels in September to study and I'm looking for babysitting jobs (evenings and weekends). So if you're ever in need of a babysitter, let me know.

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I have known Dayene since her childhood. I met Dayene's family in Mozambique nearly 20 years ago, where we worked together in the same organization. Dayene grew up seen and helping her parents to care and serve the less fortunate in the country where they lived. Dayene came to visit us last year in UK where we live and even coming on Holiday, she went to my children's school for voluntary work teaching young children Road safety. I would recommend Dayene because I know she comes from a family orientated home, she is trustworthy, caring and an intelligent young woman who has lots to offer.