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IT specialist. Cheap computer services. Freezing, viruses, router, installations, updates, you name it!


From: Geneva, switzerland
Speaks: english

About my service

I am an IT specialist and can help with your computer problems for good rates. Slow computers, viruses, freezing, hardware problems, software problems, installations, updates, router problems or configurations etc. I work with Mac and Windows, not linux. I like to get things done! Sometimes it takes longer that expected but I do everything in my power to make it work. My policy, if I cannot fix it, you do not need to pay me. Before making an appointment, I weigh the odds, input and in the unlikely event I cannot help, I will tell you directly. Furthermore, reparations will take place at my home, you will be responsible for dropping your laptop or desktop and picking it up when ready. Get it touch, let me know your problem, I will give you a quote and we will take it from there. The price per hour does not apply to all problems, it is a requirement on this website, but generally speaking, i give you a quote for the whole reparation regardless of the time spent, and you book me the time corresponding to the price. Usually a maximum of 150CHF if the problem is not too big.

My experience

I have worked in the IT field for over 4 years, Customer support, hardware, software, networking. I currently work in the IT field as well.

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