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From: Geneva, Switzerland
Speaks: english french

About my service

I'm a filipina with a swiss working permit with more than 15 years of housekeeping experience. I'm currently working in the morning with a family with 2 kids, I'm a hardworking, motivated, with high initiative and ready to give an excellent performance to the best of my capacity. I can help you with: - Cleaning general and spring cleaning - Laundry and ironing - Cooking simple family meals - Shopping and errands - Looking after children and preparing them for bed - Collecting children from school

My experience

- 4 years experience in a family with two children, aged 4 and 6 when I started - 3 years with english family with 3 kids aged 1,3 and 5 years old at present - 13 years of entire housekeeping for a retired couple

On request, I can provide

- Swiss nationality and identity papers - Certificate of references

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rapide, sérieuse et bon travail
j'ai découvert Nerissa après une autre personne de Service At Home, et je suis ravie et très satisfaite de son travail. Elle est énergique, consciencieuse, son travail est parfait. elle a une très bonne expérience et chaque semaines je le constate et suis très très contente de son service. Je la recommande vivement.
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