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I am a responsible and experienced handyman. I can help you with: Assembling furtniture Painting Hanging up pictures/mirrors Laying parquet Putting up shelves Installing lamps ... Send me a message and I will let you know how I can help you and which tools/materials I will need. I can provide tools but sometimes the job requires special tools which will need to be provided/purchased.

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We just moved to Geneva and needed someone to hang ~20 paintings and photos, some quite large. Ivan did a great job. He is not the fastest, but he is meticulous and all the pieces are perfectly hung. I would definitely use Ivan again. I speak Spanish so had no problems communicating.
I had a great experience with Ivan helping me move houses. Since I speak Spanish, communication was not a problem. It's good to be clear in advance about what the job covers and get a time estimate. Apart from that, I am totally satisfied and have already asked him help with some small things around the house.
Ivan was a great help and was very thorough in his work. He made sure he really understood what i wanted before getting started on a task. All the different things i wanted done (hanging japanese wall panels, picture frames, mirrors, projection screens, etc) were well executed. I strongly recommend him. However be sure to be able to get your meaning across in a mix of spanish and english as he is still learning french.
I contacted Ivan for some carpentry services. He was quick to respond to my messages and he arrived at my home right on time. Ivan is extremely nice and was very eager to help. He genuinely aims to provide great quality service and client satisfaction. I was very pleased with his service and would use him again. Ivan used his expertise to propose practical suggestions (eg: adding support for the desk to make it stronger and more resilient and safe for children) which he then installed without charging for the extra material. The only thing that was problematic was that communication was quite difficult. Ivan speaks limited English and French. We were able to get by with gestures and by speaking slowly. Overall I would recommend Ivan to anyone that needs handyman help but to bear in mind to make a special effort to explain the service you're expecting from him.
Ivan m'a aidé à déménager des affaires de Genève en Valais. Je suis extrêmement contente de ses services. Il a répondu rapidement à mes messages, il a été très serviable et pragmatique. Il est arrivé à l'heure, m'a aidé avec enthousiasme et a communiqué sans problème avec différents intervenants pour le travail. Il est resté souriant tout le long du travail. Le travail a été parfaitement effectué pour un excellent rapport qualité prix. Je recommande Ivan sans hésiter et ferais sans aucun doute appel a ses services la prochaine fois que j'en aurais besoin.
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Quick reeponse, reliable, friendly. Thank you!