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Hi, I'm Myriam, I'm 22 (almost 23) and I come from Italy. I'm living in Vernier with a friend working at CERN. I worked with kids in the last years: - I been in Greece doing Miniclub Animator and looking for some friend's sons during the afternoon (was a type of au-pair); - I did the babysitter; - I use to give a look to my younger cousins, who are 6 years old and 7 months; - I gave private lessons of Italian Literature, History, Geography, Latin and English to a boy of 15 years old so I'm avaible even for it! :D I can even well cook! :) I can speak a good English (I have a B2 Trinity's certified and I'm studing to take the C1) and few weeks ago I started to study French, and this is one of the reasons why I'd like to live in France or Switzerland. I have no problems with housework and I can well cook (as usually people say!) My mother is a teacher and I'd like to be a teacher to, even if my biggest dream is to try the exam for Ministero degli Esteri. I'll be glad to answer to all the ask you'll like! Hope to hear from you! Myriam

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