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babysitting for children between years 6-12


From: geneva, switzerland
Speaks: english

About my service

I have done babysitting for other parents in the school that I study in, and therefore have a lot of experience, I help the children with homework, tutoring and also like to play games with them to help enhance certain social skills that children must develop like cooperation, collaboration, sharing at the age they are in and help them develop them, I am very friendly and have always loved kids! :) I can speak english fluently and am from India and can speak Hindi too, I am almost fluent in french and can speak a bit of spanish too, and have helped children with their languages as well, I have an older sister and 3 baby cousins that I have looked after almost all the time for the past 3 years, the youngest being 1 year old :)

My experience

I have babysit children ranging from years 1 - 6 over the past 3 years in my school, for family members, etc.

Practical information

I can bring some games, and learning books depending on the age.

On request, I can provide

I can cook some snacks for the children.

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