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I can clean your home and iron your cloths


From: Geneva, switzerland
Speaks: english french

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I have experience and references in cleaning services. Don't mind to come to France. Any questions , please don't hesitate to ask

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I know Pravda personally since late 90’s when she was still at University of Economics in Sofia. Later we met again in London in 2001 and 2002 where she was studying management in Leisure and Tourism and working as travel reps & admin. As a person - Pravda is a good communicator, able to taking initiatives and supportive in a team. She is with excellent maths and financial skills and also has some expertise in banking and logistics. She has experience in the customer service area for a number of years where she demonstrates tolerance and flexibility in relation to different user’s requirements. Recently she worked in real estates and shows motivation and commitment to tasks and venues. As a person she is tolerant, reliable and works with skills and determination. I would recommend her to work in various admin and housekeeping areas/ companies and also to jobs, related to customer service finace and travel.