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Are you a theology student and would like some help with you Hebrew lessons? Are you Jewish and would like to learn more about your roots? Do you plan a trip to Israel and would like to get a hands-on experience communicating with locals and reading signs? Are you interested in history and the mentality of the young state struggling to survive in a hostile environment? Or you are just into exotic languages and experiences? I will guide you through the Hebrew alphabet and the basics of spoken modern Hebrew. By the end of our first lesson you will be able to write your name and your address in Hebrew (it is easier than it looks!), introduce yourself, and greet a fellow Israeli. We are going to learn Hebrew in an interactive fashion by going through dialogues, learning songs, reading simple texts from "life", watching clips and of course songs. Hebrew is a very melodic language and the words are easy and fun to pronounce.

My experience

I started teaching Hebrew several years ago and enjoy the process a lot.

My certifications

I learned Hebrew as a second language when I moved to Israel during my teenage years. I hold a certificate in Hebrew proficiency and I have completed my university degree at Tel Aviv University.

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Elena was simply fantastic tutoring my child in biology. My child not only enjoyed every minute of their time together, the session motivated her creating a much improved attitude towards the subject altogether. Would recommend without hesitation.