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From: Geneva, switzerland
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Hatha Yoga trainer with over 15 years experience offers personalized yoga training in the comfort of your own home. Training is designed for all ages and all levels. Much more than physical exercise, Yoga aims to transform also the mental and emotional state. Utilizing Postures, Breathing and Mediation, we will develop increased awareness, and, hence, control over your thought patterns while simultaneously increasing your emotional intelligence. Furthermore, through the usage of Bandhas (intentional blockage of energy channels), you will gradually observe an increase in your creative faculties, as these techniques prevent unconscious energy loss. My training is focusing on Energy retention in the body for creative use. HIGHLIGHTED TRAINING AREAS 1. Breathing techniques for relaxation 2. Hatha yoga from basics to advanced level 3.Detoxification 4.De-addiction NB: 1. Available on Weekends 2. Flexible packages 3. Training in English

My experience

I have completed 3 years of Study in Indian and Western philosophy and accumulated 7 years of experience in yoga training during my monastic life in India, through which I have gained an in-depth knowledge of Yogic philosophy of mind and possibility of thought control and mental transformation through different yogic methods.

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