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Childrens' Party Planner! Allow me to plan, put-together, run the activities

Leave the planning and organizing to me, so you can spend more quality time with the little person who deserves the most on his or her day: your son or daughter! I have, I have been told, a limitless amount of patience, I think up good party and crafty ideas quite quickly, I love kids, so... Parents can choose a theme below, and I can provide you with both artistic and crafty activities, circle games with songs (including a custom birthday song for the host child), and an opportunity for kids to present their own puppet shows, with finger puppets for their friends (6 and younger) or rod puppets for the older ones. If desired we can also do short skits that I will write and assign parts to, for older ones that can read the lines. · Birthday -Magical/ Mystical (with some “Harry Potter” elements) -Fairy (not just for girls: think Peter Pan) -Princess -Butterfly Tea Party (which could happen at other times, as well) -Nature activities (warm weather times) · Halloween Dress Up party, face painting. · Christmas, several activities, crafts · Valentine’s Day card-making party! If you prefer to lead the activities, but just want me to not actually attend the party, but to gather all materials and refreshments, decorate before the party, and do the planning of activities (with a sheet of instructions for the parents), the fee is 135.- plus food and materials. I indicated the price per hour on top (as this is how it works), therefore you would need to book me online for 3 hours (and Party running time can be up to 3 hours). In English and /or French To also direct the whole party: I start with a base price of CHF 180.- for the planning and the leading of the activities at the party itself, so you can enjoy them with your child and take photos,and add onto that the materials (I will work with your budget) and food, “à la carte”. You will need to book me online for 4 hours (even though the party running time can be up to 3 hours). For either option:We meet first in person at your home or a cafe for a half an hour to discuss your budget (already included in the price of the package). Favors and goody bags are extra, and based on each theme. The cake can be outsourced, and I can take care of pickup and delivery, usually the day before the party. Prizes optional, for games, and everyone gets one! Normally I would arrive 90 minutes before guests due to arrive. Invitations can be taken care of by the host family, or I can take care of it one week before for an extra fee depending on what you would like. I am a professional calligrapher.
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