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"Whether you are looking for a weekend or evening babysitter, a part time or full time nanny, or a full time house keeper, we can help you find the perfect person for your needs.

Lindy Claire Abittan - ServiceAtHome Co-Founder

Lindy Abittan
ServiceAtHome Co-founder

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Why use ServiceAtHome

  • Background checks
  • Interviewed personally
  • Results guaranteed
  • Competitive and transparent pricing
  • Created by parents

How does it work?

Step 1

Your needs

  1. Submit your nanny request online
  2. Phone interview with ServiceAtHome
  3. ServiceAtHome finds and interviews nannies

Step 2


  1. Your receive a short list of nannies
  2. ServiceAtHome organises family + nanny interviews

Step 3


  1. You choose your favorite nanny
  2. ServiceAtHome arranges paperwork and contracts

Our Pricing

per match

“Simple, clear and transparent”

Everything we do is focused on trust and convenience, that includes our pricing.

We offer simple, clear and transparent pricing to everyone. We display our prices on our website so that everyone knows exactly what we charge. There are no hidden costs, no sign-up fees and no admin fees.

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We have an extensive database of high quality candidates and we have strong ongoing relationships with our service providers.

Having access to such quality personnel means that we can present you with trustworthy and reliable candidates. Before presenting any of the candidates to you, we arrange formal interviews to ensure that they are right for your specific needs.

Usually, the entire process takes 3-4 weeks from submitting your online request to signing the employment contract. Depending on how specific the request is, the process can become slightly longer.
We offer you a replacement guarantee. This means that if the employment relationship with your nanny doesn't work out within the first three months, we will find you a replacement within a reasonable amount of time.

We are dedicated to finding you the right person for your families needs. We're pretty good about getting it right but sometimes your needs change through the process.

After each appointment, we gather your feedback and work with you to refine your search in order to eventually find a perfect match. We help you throughout the process to define your specific needs by asking you the right questions and share our professional experience.

Whether your household has a regular cleaner, nanny, babysitter, caretaker, gardener, or even just occasional workers, it is important to make sure that your staff are registered and insured. ServiceAtHome works closely with quitt.ch to support you on every aspect surrounding the legal employment of your staff: contracts, AVS, insurances, payrolling etc
We will find you immediate solution. We will work around the clock to make it happen.We do charge an additional fee for Express matching but it is worth the peace of mind.
We suggest meeting the candidates in your home as it is important to determine if there is a "family-fit". However, we can also arrange that you meet all the suggested candidates in one session at our offices and then host a second interview with the successful candidate in your home.